Nahomi Ayala
I love this place so much, very good prices and very good menu. I love it all!!
Çärłöš Ä Gäłvän
Love it... the Service is amazing and the employees are the best!!!!
Valeria Baez
Incredible service!!! They are really taking Covid precautions seriously. Ladies served us our toppings and we got a free key chain with our $15 purchase 🙂 very clean place as well
Yesenia Escobedo
This BOBA Tea is the bomb! It'll run you about $4.50 with tax. They have a rewards program for every 8 purchases you get one Free. Ive gotten 3 free items already. Really wish it was $2 I'd buy one everyday. Friendly staff and great yogurt!
Castillo O.
I like this store better than the mcpherson one. a little bit pricier but you can really taste the difference in yogurt. it's thicker and creamier, and has way more fruit in the fruit flavored yogurts so it's flavor is more natural.
Eddie Teddy
This place will hit that Sweet Spot! ☆☆☆☆☆ Delish!
Samantha G.
South Laredo is ready for good businesses like this; nice sort of flavors, variety of products: smoothies, boba tea, milk tea. Yogurt ice cream: cookies and cream, Taro, piña colada, cheese cake, natural, mango, blueberry, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio. Add some extra stuff like brownies, mini cheese cake, natural fruits (mango, strawberry, kiwi), m&ms, oreos, caramel, lichee, and more. We stopped today and the owners were there, welcoming the customers and doing what any employee would do like taking out the trash. They made us feel at home and they even gave our baby a treat. Thank you so much for that. We wish this business the best to come.